Gale Garden

Gale Garden
Located in the McIntire Historic District of Zanesville, Ohio.
Access is from Charles Street off of Sunset Avenue, which is one block south of
Adair and two blocks west of Maple Avenue.


Gale GardenLocated in the McIntire Historic District in Zanesville, Gale Garden is a small one acre public garden. In the early 1800s the site was a farm pasture and then a truck farm for vegetables. Kenneth and Jane Gale purchased this property in 1938 and turned this property behind their home into a retreat garden. The garden features more than 80 species of trees as well as a wide variety of woody ornamentals and perennials. The property was turned over to Mission Oaks Foundation in 2005. The garden was acquired by the Muskingum Valley Park District in 2010.



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